Our Innovative approach to ensure Student Success

Superior University is committed to transform lives and that is why STUDENT SUCCESS remains our top value which simultaneously develops our students’ IQ and EQ.

From Freshman semester to the Foundation year, from Exploration to Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the university we ensure our students’ market readiness and professional excellence through our OBE (Outcome Based Education) framework where learning outcomes in each semester and for each program are preset and measured.

Not only this, our PBL (Project Based Learning) methodology provides the students with hands on practice on market related projects to inculcate the attributes of 21st century graduate in our students. This entire practice helps us keep a track on the market readiness of our students.

1M (one year in the market) links the students with the in-dustry where real-time challenges are taken and solutions are drawn. The students with entrepreneurial inclination join the startup and scale up stream to become job creators and significant contributors to the economy. The entire 3U1M program develops the right blend of knowledge, skills and attitude in our youth.