Dr. Sumaira Rehman

Director CMACED

She always believed that education is the best way of transformation. Soon after bringing laurels for Pakistan and her family through ICSB Award, she started her educational reform. With this aim, she initiated an idea to develop universities as Economic Engines and help industries in creating an economically Superior Pakistan.

She is the view that change needs to be from within so she has developed an entrepreneurial eco-system in which she is transforming the mindset of every faculty to be the masters of their own fate and has encouraged ideas which are revolutionizing the corporate sector. Her creative endeavors and innovative techniques have made her the REAL SUPERIOR WOMAN.

Dr. Sumaira Rehman

Rector – Superior University
Director CMACED
Co-Founder Innovation District 92
Director PIEDMC

Prof.Dr.Ch.Abdul Rehman

Chairman - The Superior Group

Mr. Shoaib Zahid

Chairman Punjab Industrial Board

Nabeel A. Qadeer

CEO – Infinit Labs

Mr. S. M Imran

Director, DIN Textile

Dr. Azam Roomi

Founding Dean and Professor

Ms. Ayesha Zahid

Executive Director – ORIC