Maker Festival

Superior University always think about the betterment of its young students & faculty to bring positive changes in the society. Like every year, CMACED (Center for Entrepreneurship) is organizing Superior Maker Festival once again on February 15, 2023 with the vibrancy & thrill of ETTP (Entrepreneurship Teaching & training program) to inculcate the true spirit of “Can Do It”. The Superior maker-festival is for grass root innovators/ hackers/ makers in Pakistan. It is the celebration of the Do It Yourself (DIY) mindset, and the global maker movement. It is a platform for a likeminded maker community that brings to life a diverse range of raw, unique, and unconventional ideas to solve real-life problems.

Keynote sessions 

Sustainability in Business: What Does It Mean?

Sustainability issues in Business in Pakistan

Exciting Competitions

Art of recycling competition

Recycled art is about repurposing materials and nature conservation. The underlying message behind all recycled art is in the title itself: recycle. As long as the materials used in the piece were discarded, there’s really no limit to what can be used and what the pieces can look like. They can vary from large scale to miniature, from two dimensional pieces to three dimensional. The participants will showcase their art which will depict the theme of Sustainable solutions. The experts from the art & design field will evaluate their work and the winner will get exciting rewards.

Art of recycling competition
Recycled art is about repurposing materials and nature conservation. The underlying message behind all recycled art is in the title itself recycle.
Reaching the Sustainability Challenge
It is widely accepted that we are reaching the limits of a resource constrained planet and will not be able to continue life
Painting competition
Painting is almost everything. It is the painter's identity, his style, and his conviction. Sketch anything which can address the theme of sustainable development.
Tech fest
Techfest is the coding and web development competition. Competitors will receive a professional brief and must build a user-friendly, contemporary website in a live competition.
Photography competition
Whether you are a professional photographer looking to gain more exposure or an amateur who wants to know how your work stacks up against your peers, photography competitions
Social media influencer competition
In this competition, the social media influencers will have to make Instagram reels by covering the highlights of Superior Maker Festival. The SMF team will tally the reach
Blog writing competition
We want the participants to create engaging and useful content about the Superior Maker festival. The brief about this event will be provided by the SMF team to the participants
Startup idea pitch competition
Startup pitch competitions are as valuable as they are terrifying. For entrepreneurs who choose to take the plunge, the opportunity that is possible is an undeniable game
Poster Design Competition
The objective behind the Poster Design Competition is to bring out the creative expression of students and to gauge their knowledge, trigger thought processes

Panel Discussion

Why business should embrace sustainability?

Panel discussion on “Why Business should embrace sustainability?”. This event will bring together a panel of experts to discuss the importance of sustainability in businesses.  The panel will be moderated by an experienced moderator with a background in sustainable solutions. The panelists will include educators, researchers, and practitioners with expertise in various areas of sustainable solutions. They will share their insights on how an organization can operate in the ecological, social and economic environment.

Panel Discussion

Work life balance for women entrepreneurs

Work-life balance is a complicated topic for many female entrepreneurs.  The panel will be moderated by an experienced moderator with a background in gender equality issues. The panelists will include the female entrepreneurs in which they will share their insights about how can girls nail work life balance.


Drones & UAVs Exhibition

The show is a unique platform to showcase the drone technology and perform a live drone flight or demonstration

Astronomical observation

Any structure containing telescopes and auxiliary instruments with which to observe celestial objects. Observatories can be classified on the basis of the part of the electromagnetic spectrum in which they are designed to observe.

Aircrafts Scale modelers exhibition

A world of flying models will be hangered on the Superior Maker Festival. It will exhibit of all types of flyable model airplanes.

Electric Vehicle Exhibition

The visitors will experience everything that the electric automobile industry has to offer as they catch a glimpse of the future. It’s the one place where the information is both comprehensive and engaging, with new technologies being thoroughly explained and freely explored.

Ideation startups

Social category startups

Growth & acceleration startups