Her Karobar

Women Entrepreneurship Program is designed to provide a platform for women to enable and empower them so that they can increase their presence in business workforce, and self-owned businesses with the help of trainers for education, mentors to identify the right path, investment and funding opportunities for growth and globalization for the global network access.

Why Women Entrepreneur:

48.76% women of the total population of the Pakistan.
824 Women Entrepreneurs in Pakistan
19.4% Women in Job Sector

  • Women having skill set but they don’t have awareness of how to transform their skill set to create economic contribution and how to financially support their families
  • Own their identity
  • Lack of family support
  • Access to finance
  • Lack of confidence to take risk

Our Offerings:


1) Support
2) Empathy
3) Fearlessness
4) Ownership
5) Diversity

Mission Statement

Empowering and enabling women to practice entrepreneurship and establish self-owned businesses with the aim to increase the contribution to our economy

Vision Statement

To use our entrepreneurial program as a means to increase the professional capacity of women.


1) To promote entrepreneurial mindset through awareness and entrepreneurial drive.
2) To provide a hub of women entrepreneurship through one-stop platform to increase the participation of women self-owned businesses and in business workforce.
3) Reduce the rate of unemployment by empowering women to become job creators instead of job seekers.
4) To increase the confidence in women by soft skills training programs.
5) Capacity building of women.

Her Karobar Impact

Trained Female
Guest Speakers
1 M
Disembarrassment of seed investment for startups