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Welcome to “Oh My Genius,” where we believe in nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit in young minds. Our program, specially crafted for kids, focuses on empowering them with the skills, knowledge, and mindset needed to thrive in the global world of entrepreneurship. Through interactive workshops, hands-on activities, and real-world simulations, we provide a dynamic learning environment where children explore the fundamentals of business, innovation, and leadership.

What We offer

Program for Schools

Our school programs are meticulously designed to seamlessly integrate into the school curriculum. We offer engaging lessons, entrepreneurship challenges, and mentor-ship sessions, fostering creativity and critical thinking among students. Our goal is to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs within the familiar school setting.

Kids Bootcamp

Oh My Genius presents the Kidpreneurs Bootcamp, an immersive program designed to ignite young entrepreneurial spirits. Through engaging workshops and mentor-led activities, children will explore the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, fostering critical skills such as teamwork and problem-solving. From idea generation to pitching, the bootcamp will provide a hands-on experience, empowering kids to bring their business ideas to life and inspiring the innovators of tomorrow.

Educators Boot-camps

Educators are the pillars of our education system. Our boot-camps empower teachers with the latest teaching methodologies, equipping them to instill an entrepreneurial mindset in their students. Through immersive training sessions and resourceful materials, we support educators in creating a stimulating learning experience.

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