Syed Holdings Property Consultants

Syed Waqar came up with the concept of introducing the A class house construction industry to expand his family’s firm ‘Syed Holdings’ through the Scaleup stream. Taking over the business with a 300 square-yard project, he made an initial investment of PKR 35 Million, and earned an income of PKR 65 Million only in 7 months, and created 20 new employment opportunities.

Umar & Sons Aviary

The tendency to purchase lovebird mutations at international market prices through importers was caused by the substantial gap in the local market. This opportunity lead the foundation of Umar & Sons Aviary. This aviculture farm breeds lovebirds of BVA quality standards. The most popular pairs with reference to their beauty, robust, and health is the core focus to breed as many as possible and then sell them at international market prices to get a competitive edge on importers and provide customers with a healthy local breed for their collection.

Maalik Ice Factory

Maalik ice factory is an Ice manufacturing plant located at Jhang. This project is related to setting up an ice plant of 400+ blocks capacity per day to cater to the needs of the institutions such as hotels, restaurants, bakeries, dairy, fish sellers etc. The proposed project will manufacture ice blocks varying from 80 kg to 160 kg in weight.
With an investment of PKR 155 Million, managed to generate a remarkable PKR 9 Million in revenue in only three months and created 6 new positions to keep things running smoothly.

Atif Fitness Club

With the philosophy to provide facilities, programs, and products to improve the quality of life in the communities and serve and instill the value of health and fitness in the lives of everyone. Atif Fitness Club aims to encourage people to eat a healthy diet and visit natural game to ensure health and fitness for the individuals of society.
With an investment of PKR 5.4 Million managed to generate a remarkable revenue of PKR 2.5 Million in six months and created 6 new positions to keep things running smoothly.

Malak Hosiery

Malak Hosiery, a privately held company, with years of experience in the manufacturing and export of all types of Socks/Leggings for the global market. As a one stop shop, full-service organization, Malak hosiery continually pursues innovative products that satisfy the most stringent and discerning requirements of its customers ranging from the pscale to the bulk economy of Hosiery Products. Specialized in the design, construction, sampling, bulk-production, and delivery of all types of Hosiery Goods for Men, Ladies and Children – of all Sizes.