In today’s dynamic and innovation-driven academic landscape, the Chaudhry Muhammad
Akram Center for Entrepreneurship Development (CMACED) at Superior University
stands distinctively with a unique identity. More than a department, CMACED nurtures
the entrepreneurial spirit at Superior University, encouraging students to bring
entrepreneurial ideas to fruition with courage and the necessary skill set. Comprising
eleven vibrant units including ETTP, SEP, ID-92, Scaleup PK, the “Idea Croroon ka
Reality” show, “Oh My Genius,” TEC, “Her Karobar,” and “3U1M,” this entrepreneurial
ecosystem represents a revolution fueled by innovation, creativity, and strategic foresight.
Proud of its achievements, CMACED records significant economic and social impacts,
having trained over 10,000 students and 700+ faculty members in entrepreneurship,
facilitated 175 trainings, established 120 businesses, and generated 1300 million PKR in
revenue while creating 1240 jobs. With Pakistan grappling with a concerning
unemployment rate of 6.80%, CMACED’s efforts are a beacon of hope, illustrating a
successful pathway to curbing unemployment through educational empowerment and
Going a step further, CMACED has reinvested a share of its profits for the advancement
of research at Superior University, thus bolstering the institution’s broader objectives.
This commitment to fostering a collaborative and supportive atmosphere within various
departments is evident through its substantial financial contributions. Last year witnessed
a generous donation of 2 million PKR to the Library Development Fund, and this year, an
even more significant allocation of 5 million PKR has been dedicated to the
Interdisciplinary Research Development Fund.
By fostering collaborations that transcend traditional academic boundaries, this fund aims
to spur innovation and progress, providing researchers from diverse disciplines with a
platform to explore new realms of knowledge. This initiative is not just a financial
investment; it is a strong endorsement of the transformative power of research and
innovation, echoing Superior University’s vision to evolve into a powerhouse of research.

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